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NIKO-AGROTECHNIKA Ltd. offers the whole range of agricultural machines CLAAS, AMAZONE, LEMKEN, as well as amphibians of DOROTEA MEKANISKA. Here you can find favorable terms for buying new and used equipment, financing by credit or leasing.

At NICO-AGROTECHNIKA OOD's clients there is a 24-hour high-quality service!

We provide warranty and after-sales service to all CLAAS combine harvesters and tractors. You can also contact our specialists for technical assistance for all AMAZONE, LEMKEN and DOROTEA MEKANISKA machines.

NIKO-AGROTECHNIKA Ltd. offers a wide range of original spare parts for harvesters, tractors and forage harvesters KLAAS. Here you will also find everything about seeders, fertilizers, sprayers and tillage machines AMAZONE, as well as all machines from the range of LEMKEN and DOROTEA MEKANISKA.